Child, 5, carried one-year-old baby half a mile in -31C temperatures wearing socks after they were left home alone

A HEROIC five-year-old carried a baby half a mile in -31C temperatures wearing SOCKS after being abandoned home alone.

Cops say the youngster headed out in freezing temperatures with the 18-month-old tot after the power went down in the family house.

Both young children suffered crippling cold-weather injuries as they walked to a neighbour's home for help, say cops in Venetie, Alaska.

However, State Police spokesman Ken Marsh couldn’t immediately detail the extent or nature of their injuries.

A 37-year-old woman who allegedly left the two kids alone has now been arrested on suspicion of endangering a minor, authorities said.

Her relationship to the children is not yet known.

Once the children reached the neighbour's home they called 911 and troopers arrived to check on the children in the village of 175 people.

However they had to charter a plane to reach the isolated village, which is located 155 miles north of Fairbanks.

It is unclear how long the children had been on their own before braving the outside, Marsh told reporters.

Like other interior Alaskan communities Venetie regularly reaches 40 degrees below zero or lower.

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Card Factory launch 99p Christmas dinner bibs ‘for the messiest eaters’

People who are always spilling their dinner down themselves may now have perfect festive answer.

Card Factory is selling Christmas-themed bibs so you can keep your festive jumper clean and enjoy your food this year.

The Christmassy bibs come in four different styles, with two Santa styles and two elf-themed designs.

And a pack of four will only set you back 99p.

The 'Dinner Bibs' encourage people to 'eat, drink and be messy'."

The product description reads: "Even the messiest eater can enjoy all the trimmings with these fun and festive Christmas bibs."

The bibs were shared on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains, where they went down a storm.

  • Shoppers urged to 'show a little love' on your High Street this Christmas

  • Shoppers urged to 'show a little love' on your High Street this Christmas

A group member shared the picture and wrote: "Card factory 99p you get all four shown in picture! Good for a giggle on Christmas Day."

The post prompted replies from others users, many of which confessed to being serial dinner spillers.

One wrote: "I have these ready for Xmas day lol… quite big as well."

And another wrote: "I need this! A dinner bib is not just for Christmas!"

Others tagged their messy friends and family to recommend buying ahead of the Christmas dinner .

There are only 18 days left until Christmas – and only three weekends left to get all your shopping done.

Shoppers are being urged to support Small Business Saturday – a nationwide initiative to en­­courage people to shop locally.

In 2018, the event, now in its seventh year, saw an estimated £812million spent with small businesses across the country.

The Mirror is doing its part with our Have a Happy High Street Christmas cam­­paign, to en­­courage shoppers to back their town centres over the festive season.

The need for action comes as a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses found that just one in three smaller retailers expects their prospects to improve over the coming three months, while 58 per cent expect things to worsen.

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Two dead and three seriously injured after horror late-night crash

Two men have been killed in a horror late-night crash that sent three other people to hospital with seriously injuries.

The collision, involving a black Jeep Cherokee and a black VW Golf, happened in Wednesbury, in the West Midlands, at about 10.30pm on Friday, said police.

The men, aged 21 and 37, were pronounced dead at the scene despite the emergency services' efforts to save them.

The three survivors who were seriously injured remained in hospital on Saturday as West Midlands Police investigated the cause of the crash on the A41 Black Country New Road.

Have you been affected by the incident? Email [email protected]

  • Newborn baby found buried alive in shallow grave just hours from death

  • Mum's beautiful final gesture to daughter, 5, after she was given just hours to live

The force closed the road for several hours.

The families of the two men who died are being supported by specially trained officers.

Police were investigating whether any additional vehicles were involved and urged potential witnesses, including those with dashcam footage, to come forward.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: "An investigation has been launched following a fatal collision on the A41 Black Country New Road in Wednesbury last night.

"Officers were called to reports of a collision involving a black Jeep Cherokee and a black VW Golf, near to Patent Shaft Roundabout just after 10.30pm.

"Despite the best efforts of emergency services two men, aged 21 and 37, were pronounced dead at the scene.

"Their families have been informed and are being supported by specially trained officers."

Sergeant Alan Hands from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “We’re currently working to establish the circumstances surrounding the collision and whether any other vehicles were involved.

“I’d ask that anyone who has information or witnessed what happened, in particular any motorists who were in the area and have dashcam footage to come forward and contact the investigation team.”

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Science bombshell as brainless single-cell blob ‘makes complex decisions’

Tiny single-cell, brainless organisms might be capable of complex thoughts, according to new research.

In a study published this week in Current Biology, a scientific journal, scientists from Harvard University recreated a classic experiment dating back to the early 1900s.

"It was a side project, completely off-the-books," said author Jeremy Gunawardena.

He added: "It wasn't anyone's day job."

  • Dinosaurs had CANCER: Tumour found preserved in 240 million-year-old fossil

  • Cancer cure BOMBSHELL: Scientists discover way to STOP disease before it even starts

The organisms, known as "S. roeselii", were collected from a golf course pond in England before being shipped over to the US.

A team of researchers found the specimen would move to avoid microscopic plastic beads when irritated.

When the scientists did a statistical analysis, they found there was, on average, a similar order to the organisms' decision-making process.

The single-celled blobs almost always chose to bend and alter the direction of their cilia before they contracted or detached and swam away.

  • Dr Brian Cox drops bombshell on the AFTERLIFE and the REAL reason we exist

  • Mind-reading BOMBSHELL: Watching thoughts on TV screens to 'replace lie detector test'

"They do the simple things first, but if you keep stimulating, they 'decide' to try something else," Gunawardena said.

"[It] has no brain but there seems to be some mechanism that, in effect, lets it 'change its mind' once it feels like the irritation has gone on too long."

The findings can help inform cancer research and even change the way we think about our own cells.

The findings come shortly after scientists proved that great apes have the ability to see things from other people's point of view for the first time.

Experts have been trying to prove that apes have the skill – known as 'theory of mind' – for over 40 years and now a Japanese team have done just that.

The bombshell research, published by Kyoto University’s Kumamoto Sanctuary in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was based on an interactive experiment known as the goggles test.

Chimps, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos were all proven to possess the human-like skill, rather than merely copy behaviour.

That means they can problem solve by understanding individuals can possess different knowledge.

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Ex-Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino smiles when asked about Arsenal job – after years of vowing he’d never manage them – The Sun

MAURICIO POCHETTINO has not ruled out managing Tottenham's arch-rivals Arsenal – and smiled when asked if he would take the Gunners job.

The Argentine – who once famously said he would rather become a farmer in his homeland than manager Arsenal – has been strongly linked with the vacancy at the Emirates.

Spurs axed Pochettino last month but he has already indicated he wants to get back in the hot seat as soon a possible.

Despite his five-and-a-half years at White Hart Lane, Pochettino has emerged as one of the favourites to replace the axed Unai Emery at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road.

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Spoilers: Mick has a big plan to save Christmas in EastEnders

There are few in Albert Square with a bigger heart than Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), and with the festive season in full flow in EastEnders, the Queen Vic landlord is determined to not let a little problem like the school nativity dampen the high spirits, and thus he sets about rectifying the situation.

Mick’s upset when he learns that Ollie didn’t win the leading part in his school nativity. However, after discussing it, he comes up with an idea to make both his and Linda’s (Kellie Bright) Christmas wishes come true. Yes, he plans his own version.

However, such a spectacle proves to be a bit more difficult that Mick initially thought it would be, as he discusses his idea further with Linda, Mitch (Roger Griffiths), Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White), Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith).

Mick ropes Mitch in to help him, as they deliberate over an alternative Nativity. However, the Queen Vic landlord’s problems are made worse when Denise (Diane Parish) and Gray both begin to doubt that Mitch is the right man for the job.

However, Bailey (Kara-Leah Fernandes) provides a solution, when she reveals that she’s entered a Christmas story competition. As a result, she demands that they use her story for the show — and Gray even issues them with a proper contract!

Mick’s determined to make his plan a success, and as a result he even invites the school mums to see the performance. However, he’s not quite ready for their response.

Later, as the alternative nativity gets going, Mick is shocked when he spots Linda drinking. As a result, he opens up to Sharon (Letitia Dean) about his concerns, and she promises to keep an eye on Linda for him.

Sharon’s got more experience than most when it comes to helping a loved one where alcohol is concerned, given that both her mum Angie (Anita Dobson) and husband Phil (Steve McFadden) battled alcoholism — and she did her utmost to help them both through it. Perhaps some words from her will help Linda in her time of need?

The nativity proves to be a huge success and, later, Sharon suggests that Linda could perhaps spend a bit more time in Mick’s company.

However, Linda brushes her words off, before she heads over to congratulate Mick for herself.

Will Mick be able to help Linda, as she continues to battle alcoholism?

 One to watch: Thursday 19th December at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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Giants desperately trying to avoid being historically bad

Because it feels like a lifetime ago, it’s difficult for many of the Giants to remember exactly what the vibe in the home locker room was like on Sept. 29 at MetLife Stadium.

They had just defeated the Redskins 24-3, were riding a two-game winning streak to erase an 0-2 start to get to 2-2 at the schedule’s quarter pole and there was an overwhelming sense of hope and excitement for what was ahead.

The week before, after all, was when rookie quarterback Daniel Jones made his debut and played hero in a scintillating 32-31 comeback victory over the Buccaneers in Tampa.

Fast forward to Monday. The 2-10 Giants will play the 5-7 Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, and 70 days will have passed since their last win. That’s enough to turn even the most optimistic of optimists into a pessimist, wondering if another win ever will come.

And now an unsightly franchise record that no one wants to be any part of looms in the darkness Monday night.

A loss to the Eagles and the Giants would tie the franchise record for the longest losing streak in club history (nine).

“You don’t want to be a part of any record that’s bad,’’ safety Michael Thomas told The Post on Friday.

“Right now, everybody’s uptight,’’ safety Antoine Bethea said. “You can say whatever you want to say, but everybody’s uptight because we’re 2-10 and on this losing streak. A win — even though it would only be our third — it would help some people take a deep breath.’’

Oxygen has been at a premium these days around the Giants as speculation about the job security of head coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Dave Gettleman has gained momentum with each loss.

This is, indeed, rarified air in which the Giants have been living for the past 70 days. For all the wrong reasons. It has left every player in the locker room perplexed about what has gone wrong since the record was 2-2 and hope permeated the same room in which desperation and defeat now reside.

“At 2-2, we wanted to build off of it, get some momentum,’’ Bethea said. “Obviously, we went the other way. No one thought we’d go on the losing streak that we did.’’

Eight in a row, with a record-tying ninth looming.

The Giants’ first nine-game skid — from Sept. 9, 1976 to Nov. 7, 1976 — cost head coach Bill Arnsparger his job. He was fired after an 0-7 start to the 1976 season.

The second one — Nov. 9, 2003 and Sept. 12, 2004 — cost Jim Fassel his job, after the Giants lost their final eight games following a 4-4 start.

Is Shurmur next?

Is a milestone still a milestone if it’s a dubious distinction?

“I can honestly tell you that hasn’t been a conversation any of us has had,’’ Thomas said of being associated with the losing-streak record. “The only thing on our minds is to get a win this week. It sucks, but you lose track after a minute how many in a row you’ve lost. We’re just trying to figure out what it’s going to take for us to get one win.’’

Nine in a row. No one wants to be a part of that. Not after the 2-2 start. It’s been numbing.

“It was a good feeling being 2-2,’’ receiver Sterling Shepard said. “But you’ve got to move on pretty quick in this league, trying to be better than the previous week. So that was probably the focus at that time. Nobody plans to go on a whatever-game losing streak.

“I don’t think anybody’s paying attention to [the losing streak record]. It’s more about what we have to do to get a W. I don’t think anyone’s putting any extra pressure on themselves not to be a part of that conversation. If we take care of business, we shouldn’t have to worry about being a part of that conversation.’’

Tight end Evan Engram recalled being 2-2.

“Winning two in a row boosts your confidence and raises your expectations even more,’’ Engram said.

“We were confident at 2-2 that we could make a run, stack the wins,’’ center Jon Halapio told The Post. “We definitely didn’t think we’d be on a losing streak like we are now. Yeah, that 2-2 feeling was definitely a different feeling than we have now. We were right there, in the division, had everything working for us.’’

Since then, nothing has worked as the Giants’ season has resembled one of those amusement-park rides on which the floor collapses and disappears. The only thing about this ride the Giants have been on: There has been nothing amusing about it at all.

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Holly Willoughby, Bradley Walsh and Strictly special lead BBC’s Christmas shows

Families will get the chance to visit Santa’s Lapland home when Holly ­Willoughby and Bradley Walsh join forces on BBC1 this Christmas Eve

Take Off With Holly and Bradley will deliver festive holidays to those who really need a break. And it is just part of the Beeb’s festive offering this year.

A Strictly special features Debbie McGee, 61, with Kevin Clifton, 37. Meanwhile Gemma Atkinson, 35, will dance on screen for the first time with Gorka Marquez, 29, after they fell in love on the show.

In Still Open All Hours, on December 23, Eric – Johnny Vegas – unwisely tries to persuade Kath – Sally Lindsay – to sample Arkwrights’ special French custard.

While on Christmas Day Corrie legend Kevin Kennedy, 58, who played Curly Watts, pops up in to Mrs Brown’s Boys and Call The Midwife heads to the Outer Hebrides.

And classic comedy Gavin and Stacey returns after almost a decade on Christmas Day.

The Shipmans head to Wales for the year's Christmas celebrations, with a nervous Bryn doing the cooking.

Meanwhile, Pam is finding Gwen's place to be rather lacking.

Elsewhere, Gavin and Stacey's baby is now 10-years-old, while Smithy and Nessa's is 12-years-old.

  • George Michael's Last Christmas could be Xmas number 1 this year as sales surge

  • Mathew Horne responds to James Corden feud claims ahead of Gavin and Stacey Christmas special

Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat tackle another literary icon with the new take on Bram Stoker's Dracula, airing over the new Year.

Consisting of three feature-length episodes, Dracula stars Danish actor Claes Bang as the infamous vampiric count, tackling the origins of the character and his battles with the descendants of Van Helsing.

The series also stars John Heffernan, Dolly Wells, Joanna Scanlan, Morfydd Clark, Luiza Richter, and Gatiss himself.

Plus – It's set to be another epic and tragic Christmas on Albert Square in EastEnders.

Of course, the drama will centre on the reveal of Sharon and Keanu's old affair and the fact that Keanu is the father of her baby, just as Louise has become the mother to his baby Peggy.

What will Phil do next? We know Keanu is leaving over the coming weeks, so could Phil kill him? And where will unpredictable Lisa come into the mix?

Elsewhere, Linda's alcoholism is exposed to Mick as he realises just how bad her problem is.

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Future Is Dating a Familiar Face Following Split from Ciara

It seems safe to say that Future’s split from Ciara was one of the worst life experiences he ever went through. They were together for more than two years — a period in which they welcomed a son and got engaged — before they broke up and went their separate ways.

After the split, Future turned to music to cope, penning various songs about the love he felt for her and the pain that lingered from their breakup. Though he tried to move on and date other women, the romances were often short-lived and never really stuck. But now, Future seems to have found that special one — and she’s a pretty popular woman.

Future’s dating history

Future has dated many women, but he’s only had one high-profile relationship. His most known romance is with R&B star Ciara.

The “Mask Off” rapper famously started dating Ciara in 2013. According to XXL, Future announced the news in an interview that January, saying, “The chemistry is there. It’s amazing. She makes me happy; I make her smile.”

In September 2013, they got engaged. Future proposed during Ciara’s birthday weekend with a 15-carat ring.

“I feel different but it’s great,” Future told MTV News of being engaged. “It’s a great situation and I’m happy about it. I’m excited about it and I know she’s super happy. I just feel good to be able to make someone happy.”

At the time, Ciara was secretly pregnant. She gave birth to their baby, a son named Future Zahir, in May 2014.

Things seemingly couldn’t have been any better. But just three months after welcoming their son, Future and Ciara broke up. The split came amid rumors that he cheated on her, which Future denied.

“We grew apart,” he told HuffPost Live. The Pluto rapper said he’d called the engagement off way before the cheating rumors surfaced but stuck around because he felt “embarrassed” for Ciara, who had already started planning their wedding and taking bridal photos.

Ciara quickly moved on to NFL star Russell Wilson, which was something Future did not appear to take well. The Daily Beast reports that he continued to call Ciara his possession and seemingly wrote a bunch of songs about their lost love. (The entire HNDRXX album comes to mind.)

Future is moving on

After the split, Future dated a few people, including an ex-girlfriend and entrepreneur Joie Chavis. But more often than not, the relationships did not last long.

However, it appears that things are starting to change. As of December 2019, Future is seemingly in a happy relationship with Lori Harvey. Harvey is a model, social media influencer, and Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter.

The 22-year-old made headlines in July over her alleged romance with Sean “Diddy” Combs, which seemingly ended in October. Before that, she dated Combs’ son, Christian.

Future and Harvey were romantically-linked in November after they were seen spending time together on multiple occasions. Though the alleged romance is fairly new, things are seemingly heating up.

In late November, Harvey helped Future celebrate his 36th birthday. He also shared a sweet post about Harvey on Instagram, captioning a photo of her dressed in all black, “Flawless,” which is pretty unusual for the rap star.

Could this be Future’s happy ending? Only time will tell.

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Elon Musk Found Not Guilty in 'Pedo Guy' Defamation Lawsuit

Tesla chief says his “faith in humanity is restored” following the verdict

Elon Musk was found not guilty of defaming a British rescue diver he had called a “pedo guy” on Twitter, a jury in Los Angeles ruled on Friday afternoon.

“My faith in humanity is restored,” Musk told courthouse reporters shortly afterwards.

Musk, who runs both Space X and Tesla Inc., was sued in Sept. 2018  by Vernon Unsworth, who played an instrumental role in saving 13 members of a Thai soccer club trapped in an underwater cave earlier in the year.

During the ordeal, Musk offered a backup plan to rescue the team involving a mini-submarine — a plan that ultimately went unused in the successful rescue mission.

Unsworth, during an interview with CNN, dismissed Musk’s backup idea for how to save the soccer team as a “PR stunt,” adding Musk could “stick his submarine where it hurts.”

Musk then lashed out at Unsworth on Twitter, implying he was a pedophile by calling him “pedo guy.” He apologized for the comment, saying it was “spoken in anger,” before later calling Unsworth a “child rapist” in an email to BuzzFeed News. Unsworth sued him soon afterwards, saying in his initial court filing Musk had tweeted “false and heinous accusations” against him.

Unsworth and his attorney, L. Lin Wood, were seeking damages of $190 million from Musk, breaking down as $5 million for actual damages, $35 million for assumed damages, and $150 million for punitive damages.

Musk “dropped a nuclear bomb on Vernon Unsworth” when he sent his tweet, Wood said during his closing argument, according to CNBC. Wood argued Musk, who he dubbed a “billionaire bully,” had wrecked Unsworth’s life with his tweet.

Alex Spiro, Musk’s lead attorney, argued “pedo guy” was not meant as a factual statement, but simply as a harsh barb. Musk’s team argued “pedo guy” was another way of calling Unsworth a “creepy old guy,” per CNBC.

His attorney’s added Unsworth had failed to prove Musk’s comments had caused actual damages. Instead, he was merely looking for a cash grab. Spiro characterized Unsworth’s argument to the jury as: “I’ve been horribly damaged. Pay me lots of money.”

The jurors ended up siding with Musk and his attorneys.

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